The Afri-Flame Network is a group of researchers, businesses and communicators who are investigating the benefits of biogas and fuel saving stove technology in Africa. 
Biogas Production
Gasifier Stoves
gasifier stove
The Afri-Flame project is a biogas research and implementation programme. It aims to adapt existing biogas digester and gasifier stove technology and develop local approaches for rural households in Sub-Saharan Africa. Initially, trials are being run in villages in Cameroon, Ethiopia and Uganda.

Research Areas
  • Economic and technical barriers to uptake of biogas technology.
  • Household finance, labour, water use, carbon and nutrient flows, pathogens and indoor air quality.
  • Adaptations in digester designs to maximise efficiency and encourage uptake.
  • Information needs of digester owners and policy makers.

Afri-Flame is generating 11 MSc and 3 PhD study programmes.